Sled rising when cutting

Im sure this has be brought up before but I cant find a thread.

When im cutting up or down the opposing end rises up off the the wood im cutting. Does this have something to do with my center of gravity?

Yep. Maybe if you’re cutting super deep passes it might do that too but most likely a cog issue.

Any ideas on what i would need to adjust? Low or higher the ring? Or bricks?

Need to bring the ring closer to the sled. Heres a pic of mine for reference.

Okay this is interesting, i have the same set up except an added 1/8" sheet of melamine with anti friction tape on the bottom for slip. I am going to try to lower the ring to the top of the first notch


Is the frame angle 15°? Do you have bricks or other weight on the sled?

I got two standered red bricks for weights. I havent measured my frame angle, although I built the standered frame

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If the sled is balanced, you could try lower feed rate and/or lesser depth of the bit.