Expanding the cutting area

Hey there my name is Kevin, I just join the community I’ve just started to put my 1st maslow set together. The one thing I am wondering while putting this together is can I expand the build area beyond the 4’x8’ platform. Just and idea that popped into my head. Let me know if there is a way tho, please!!

@Kevincc7llc welcome to the group.

Yes you can - it is mostly untested and you will likely have problems unique to this implementation because it’s out of the norm and your area of less accuracy will increase, in theory you may have a large area of better accuracy too depending on the dimensions you go with.

push the envelope - go for it

Thank you


read above topic. basically you need a longer and higher top bar and longer roller chains.
various plastics and aluminum sheets come in 5x10’ or 5x12’ sizes so it would be good for those sheet goods.

However ask yourself how often you will actually need to cut out a piece that is longer than 4’ or 8’.

if all you cut out is 3x3’ widgets then it is easier just to shift the sheet a few feet and use the centra sweet spot then trhying to fight the low tension in the corners. Yes cutting the entire sheet in one run is the holy grail, but I doubt most users ever really need to do that and there are better cnc machines for production whole sheet cutting

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