Extending working are by a LOT, for marking only

Hey Im looking into getting a maslow cnc, but with shipping and taxes to my country im looking into 1500 bucks…so I need to be clear on somethings.

I need a cnc with a working area of 74 " by 103 " but not for routing…I would replace the router with a marker. I only need the lines drawn out with a 2/3 mm margin of error.

Has anyone done this? Is it possible? I am not worried about the structure, im a metalworker so I can build a very sturdy frame without much trouble.

I would only need to know how to extend the working are by so much,I know I can buy extra chain and with a masterlink make it as large as I want it to be, but on the software side, will it accept such a large workspace and be accurate?

Thank you and any help is appreciated!

Check out polarbots, they’re designed to use markers and considerably less expensive. There’s several different designs so you might find one that looks like it’ll work better for you

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would you happen to have a link? my googles turn up nothing and i am curious.

They’re also called drawbots and that worked. The first time I encountered them they were called polarbots, might have been a product name, but the all knowing some telling search engine Bada Bing also went boom when I tried that. The polar winds must be blowing the search fu around today