Failed: Inexpensive fixes for z-axis slack imprecision on Maslow CNC

I followed the guide:

Now my router doesn’t go up, it slides.

The worm it’s greased.


I need to do this yet, but does your orange button move freely, spring in place, and orange button inner lip which rides on the spiral not worn down? The orange button is available as a replacement part if so.

It’s not worn out, I will check again, without de router the button moves fine:

how tight is your clamp on the base? is it tight enough to hold the router, but loose enough to allow it to slide? if too loose, the router can bind by tilting. if too tight, it won’t move at all.

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Two things come to mind:

  1. Check that the orange button is seated on the ACME screw. There is a spring that presses it outward to engage. Look at the image part 7. If the orange button is moved inwards it is disengaged. Could be that the spring is not in there anymore or doesn’t work properly.
  2. There is another gray metal knob that engages with the router. Again there is a metal spring that pushes it in to engage. Part #10 in the image. It presses the knob of part #6 to engage the router with the z-axis. Check if that one is in the correct position

Good luck figuring it out.


P.S. Another thing that has been reported here once was that the ACME screw wasn’t fastened properly to the motor coupler. There is a flat section on the top, which is where the screw needs to sit. If it sits on the round section the shaft may slip when loaded.

Thank you, i will check it tomorrow

All parts are there, the orange button, it’s loose maybe it’s worn out like @kayaker37 said, i will check it tomorrow, thank you

Thank you all, the orange button was worn out, i attach the pictures of my worn out button and the model @Brendon 3d printed for future reference .

I had a question, it’s this button avaliable in metal?

Screenshot from 2020-09-23 14-15-53

no, they cost around $1, just buya few.
if it was metal and the router got stuck either your z motor would fry or it might draw so many amps that it fries the L298 chip on the green circuit board

the real solution is to buy a dedicated z axis. the router was never designed to be hacked like that and that is why you read so many complaints about it on this forum.