FAQ - What will I have to purchase once my kit arrives?

In the FAQ it says you’ll only need the router and maybe a vacuum/dust collector.

Should it also be mentioned that you’ll need some kind of frame/work surface?


Good point. I’m going to make a “what’s included / what do you need” video because it seems like that’s a frequently asked question. It sort of ties into “What makes a good frame / surface” which is probably another topic that we need to dive into.


I Live in New Zealand. it would be super cool if I knew what Model of router I should be getting? as they seem to sell the same thing all over the show and just change the brand name. (I did find some D26200 on ebay… guess they could work, I just figure there is probably something compatible at the local tool shop) Love what you are doing

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Do you have access to one of these?

Im planning on using one but shimming the body to make it fit the mount.

In terms of radius of the body, this is probably going to work, but there are two more things I can see right away - first is button that releases the bit. Not sure if it aligns with the DeWalt one. And another is controller is currently mounted on top of the router, and is even partially cooled by routers air flow. The mount is right now made specifically for the DeWalt too.

If there’s going to be enough people using a particular Makita, we might make a custom PCB holder for it, that you’ll be able to 3D print. Unlike other parts, this one does not necessarily have to be injection molded.

If you see anything there that looks promising and you have questions post a pic and we’ll give you feedback

That’s interesting ! Have you got a picture or model of the mount and I can have a look at the Makita

I think there are quite a few of us who will be looking at buying a spindle for
these (the dewalt routers aren’t that cheap, spin really fast, and are rather

Please put a lot of thought into an alternate mounting for the controller that
isn’t dependent on the particular router/spindle used.

David Lang

I added an external cooling fan so the airflow from the router should not be necessary anymore to cool the board. It will still need to mount to something that isn’t the dewalt router so a different mounting system will be needed, but that should be a cheap 3d printed part or something simple. It just needs to not flop around

@bar and @RomanG , this is something of a bummer. Since there is now a cooling fan and router air flow is no longer needed, could we look at moving the controller off of the router?

Alternatively, could you share the model file of the controller housing so we could explore mounting options.

I started out with it off the router, but keeping it in the middle makes the wiring much much cleaner and tidier. It should be pretty trivial to attach it to any type of router or spindle that is mounted there.

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The RT0702C has a “safety” no restart feature that means it can’t be used for automatic spindle control. No adding an SSR and turning it off and on manually, the only digital control are the digits attached to your hand (although maybe you could add a solenoid and something to push the switch off and on :slight_smile: ). See this onfinity forum topic

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meaning i cant just leave the switch on and use a relay to switch power on and off?

I followed the links and there is a simple hack for this but i dont want to modify my router.

I’ll just live with turning off and on manually. For my purposes, the spindle control feature never turned out to be worth the effort.

Thanks for the heads up!!

is this the style
i should pick up? Dewalt D26200 1/4 inch Compact Fixed Base Router (240V) D26200-GB

That one will work, but if it’s available it might be nice to get the one that has the cord coming off at 90 degrees which will hang out of the way better. If the other version isn’t available where you are this one will work great.

Has the “What’s Included/What do you Need” video been made yet?

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No, I haven’t had a chance to make that yet, but it’s still on my list.