Fathers day sign

My sister asked me to make a sign for my niece to decorate for fathers day. This sign also was the first project i tried using multiple bits on 6mm & 3mm. Double rewarding :wink:


Did this happen months ago or are you just super prepared for next year? :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Thanks @Jayster Im a week to week kinda guy :laughing: In australia fathers day is september, i made the sign about 2wks ago and visited my sister last night and snapped a pic of the painted version :wink:

Out of curiosity when is fathers day in your neck of the woods?

In the US it’s June - which explains my comment.

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Like the fishhooks!

Sounds like September is a good time to visit Australia with the kids :slight_smile:

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nice job,
Nieces paint job made it really really nice.

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There is a nice Wikipedia page about Father’s day and where it’s celebrated when. With some careful planning you can celebrate a dozen times in one year :smile: