Feature Request: Control via Web API

I would like to share a suggestion / feature request. Sorry if this already exists or is already implemented.

I think it would be very helpful if the x,y,z as well as emergency stop/alarm could be controlled via simple Web API calls. In this way it would be easily possible to build a remote utilizing a ESP which also includes emergency stop etc.

The API could be something like
maslow.local/move?x=+10&y=-3 for moving
malsow.local/getpos for getting the current position as a json
maslow.local/setpos?x=0&y=0 for setting 0 via the remote

The good news is that I believe that is already supported. Maslow4’s firmware is built on top of FluidNC which supports remote pendants so that functionality should already be in there. You would have to dig into their documentation a bit to better understand how it works.