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Ok, got my Maslow, going to put it together over xmas break. I have the last version Maslow shipped with the z-axis upgrade. After I get it together what do I use to get it going? I’m sure its on the getting started sheet. Where do i find pc hardware requirements? I Have a pc but its in a separate part of the house. Pondering on adding a raspberry pi setup and maybe do things via a tablet or what not as I do not have a laptop atm… tips/ tricks/ recommendations highly appreciated.
My back-round is Aviation engineering, so I’m no stranger to CAD and or electronics…

or maybe a getting started after you put it together. Thats probably what I’m looking for. And for whatever reason maybe I’m not looking in the right area?

If you plan to use a raspberry pi, I do recommend using webcontrol over ground control to overcome compatibility issues with the kivy module ground control uses. I would even use it on a windows pc/linux over ground control, but I am a bit biased.

As for first steps, once you get webcontrol fired up, check out the help section and let me know if it doesn’t get you where you need to be but I will give you an extra tip. After you do the Quick Configure, upgrade the controller’s firmware by going to Actions->Upgrade Holey Firmware. I will be updating the documentation to indicate that.

If you want to see webcontrol’s help documentation, its all online at:

This documentation is embedded into webcontrol and you can reach it via Help->Offline Help… just note its only up to date with what’s online as of the date the software release was created.

To reach webcontrol, assuming its running on the RPI (or other computer), you just need to browse to the RPI’s ip address at port 5000… (i.e.,

Here is the original Maslow assembly guide:

Some parts won’t be relevant to you since your kit may be a little different, but the software section should be the same.

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Thanks Bar!

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Thanks Madgrizzle… I do have a spare rasberry pi 3 somewhere… might be a good use for it.

I’m in a similar spot. Maslow is away from the design area. The rpi3 works well once set up. You can do what you need with a phone or tablet to position the router and zero the z axis after a bit change after you have the file uploaded from the PC. My only concern is not being fast enough to log in my phone to stop it while cutting if needed, so I put start/pause/stop buttons on the rpi GPIO. I don’t have them working yet, but aside from the emergency shutoff that will kill all power to the maslow, a soft stop would be useful.