Feedback on v1.00

I’m writing this mostly as a big thank-you to everyone involved in the recent update. As @Bar mentioned in the newsletter, even if the version number coincidentally lined up, it certainly feels like we’re at a full release and out of the beta period.

First off, the calibration fix that was discovered thanks the @madgrizzle and implemented thanks to the efforts of @krkeegan is a HUGE improvement. Before the update, I was able to dial my machine in to about 3 mm or ~1/8" tolerance between the X and Y axis over a 300mm square. This would increase as the cut distance got larger, to the point where I had some issues with tolerance on large parts. I had thought that I was just bad at calibration, even though I’ve run about a hundred calibration test squares since setting up the linkage system. I’ll have to post a picture of my calibration pieces at some point. I’ve covered entire offcut pieces with calibration squares. After updating to 1.00, I was able to get it to within 1mm across the same 300mm square after two tests! Good to know that the reason I couldn’t get better precision was because of gear ratios. I’m really, really looking forward to the increased precision!

It goes without saying (but I will anyways :stuck_out_tongue:) that this is going to make our linkage tests much more accurate. Since I will now be able to dial the machine into tight tolerances, the data I will collect from each linkage system will be more reflective of their capabilities.

PSA about the other major update, the GC skins. To those like me who prefer the dark scheme such as myself, once you set the skin in Maslow Settings, you need to restart Ground Control for it to take effect. I was a little confused at first when I changed the setting and nothing happened, but I quickly came to the realization that restarting the program was the way to fix that.

I also have some general feedback for Ground Control. This is not related to the update. I don’t particularly like the icon view in the “Open G-Code” window because it truncates the file names and I have a lot of programs in there. I always switch it over to list view. Is there a way to save list view as the default?

Side note, the “Do You Even Lift” shirt that Bar posted in the newletter is awesome! Is that shirt on TeeSpring or something, or did you get it screenprinted? I would love one myself :wink:

Also, if I missed giving credit to someone, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you out.


I haven’t been able to physically see the improvements (my Maslow is still coming) but I’ve seen all the talk on the forum and all the hard work you have all put in. In the past couple weeks I’ve been following things, I’ve been amazed at the improvements. I’m excited about its new current capabilities and all the future improvements yet in store. A big thanks to everyone for making Maslow such a unique, affordable and valuable tool!


Seconded . . . . . .