Feedrate, Plungerate and dept per pass?

Noob here,
Getting ready to make my first project.
Using Easel to make the Gcode. What are decent rates for mentioned parameters?
Going to cut 15 mm plywood and standard bits from Makermade.
Using the Ridged router.
Thanks in advance!

Here are some typical values to get you started:
The maximum feedrate is about 40ipm, which is about 1220mm/min or 20mm/s. However, based on discussions elsewhere, a good cutting speed is around 30ipm or lower, which is 760mm/min or 12.7mm/s.
A good place to start with depth per pass is about half the diameter of the cutting bit. Use your judgement to decide if you could go a little more or should go a little less (same goes for feedrate). If you are using a 1/4" (6.35mm) bit, for example, you should probably cut at about 3mm per pass. Don’t forget, if you want to cut through the material you need to add a couple of mm more depth, so maybe 17mm to cut through your 15mm ply.
Not sure about plungerate. It might not be configurable, or might be ignored by the controller. Our Z-axis is physically quite slow, so I have never looked at trying to vary its speed in software.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your in dept answer.
I will give this a try.

Im on the same boat. But came across empty handed . Haven’t seen an exact number.