Final Sled Cutting

I started to cut the final sled with my 1/4" bit. As I got to the first brick holder the holes seemed way too big and the border cut was eating away the material around the holes…so I aborted…
Should the sled be cut with a 1/8" bit or smaller?

It may be… The answer depends on the file you’re using. Can you upload the file, or a link to where you got it?

Its the one available for download …

Is that the one named ‘Sled quarter inch’? That one should cut properly with a 1/4" bit.
There are two steps ot the bolt holes, first a larger ‘pocket’ cut part way into the plywood sized for the bolt head to set down into, and then a hole centered in that going the rest oif the way through sized for the bolt.
Is it possible that’s what you’re seeing?

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New Sled With Tool Paths.svg

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I see, then if you’re using Makercam, check the values you’re putting into ‘tool diameter’. That’s where the bit diameter is set.

Using Easel…I did set the bit size to match reality…I’m thinking the 1/4" bit is too big for the design…Follows the paths correctly but just takes away twice the width of material…thus impacting other elements that are close by…

I guess I need to invest in a variety of bits…will be wanting them soon anyway…

Just making sure, are you setting the operations inside or outside of the path?

With Easel, check each object to see that the the bit will cut on the correct side of the line - inside for everything except the sled itself, which wants the bit outside.