Final Sled Page Suggestions

While cutting the final sled I ran into a couple of items I think would bear clarifying.The instructions
on the page (Generating Gcode Using MakerCAM · MaslowCNC/Mechanics Wiki · GitHub)
do not mention using tabs which I suspect are essential for the outside profile pieces. I’ve made an edit or two here and there but am too new to CAM to edit the instructions on adding tabs accurately. Perhaps someone familiar with MakerCam and tabs can do an edit?

Also, the ‘New Sled.svg’ file seems to have an issue when loading into MakerCam - I think it is loading way over to the right and cannot be seen. The ‘New Sled with toolpaths.svg’ does load so it can be seen but it is not obvious to a newbie (me!) that if you follow the instructions you’ll end up with two sets of toolpaths :slight_smile:.


Thank you for pointing these things out!

I’ve updated the New Sled.svg file to not load so far off to the right.

I’ve also added a note about adding tabs :grinning:


Now the sled is a little large :grin: I’ve updated step 3 to mention that the default resolution needs adjusted. On the other hand I have a nice viking shield :slight_smile:


Darn it! I’m sorry. I keep thinking I’m going to stop making that mistake one day, but I still make it all the time.

I’ve updated the file again to be scaled now

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I tried it again and it’s working fine now.