initially only scan 192.168.1.x networks

I was just looking over the JavaScript on the site being curious how it worked.

Those savvy users who use alternate IP ranges and netmasks will know how to discover their Maslow.

For most folks, it should work if their home networks use 192.168.1.x . Unfortunately, not all vendor routers use that. In my experience, I’ve some default to 192.168.0.x , the 172.x ones, and even 10.x.x.x.

It might be worthwhile for the JavaScript to first acquire the IP address of the device its running on (laptop,phone,etc.), then use the first 3 octets as the “assumed” network IP to roll though the x.x.x.0-255 to discover the Maslow4.


Great catch! :grinning: … That is on my todo list to fix. Pull requests welcome :wink:

There are a LOT of little software issues and things to fix. I think that we have a solid framework to build on, but almost everything can be improved at this point.

This is way smarter than what I was thinking. I was just planning to start looking at more options if nothing came up under 192.168.1.x…your idea is so much better :grinning:

even better, don’t assume it’s 3 fixed octets, when you get your IP address,
also get the routing table and then you can scan whatever subnet you are in. /24
is common, but far from the only thing

David Lang

Yup. At work, we’ve /22 , /23, /24, /25 and more oddities.

I’m assuming most Maslow users are common household makers who cannot even afford a few thousand dollar CNC. Most home routers default to /24. If adjusted to another netmask, they likely know how to find their Maslow’s IP.

My comment was about hitting the high 90%s. Folks will turn to here otherwise.

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I am thinking those whom have different nodes for routerxaddresses. You might have option to insert the address of their network or use default. Might be better than everyone having to search all possible addresses.