Fine Horizontal, Short Vertical

Hi everyone! First of all, I’m a new Maslower and this thing is amazing!!! Thanks to the creators! My setup is all set and I already have made some things that not taking real precision and my setup work fine. I’have made the calibration several time, rebuilt precisely my sled and now I’m ready for fine tuning. My first question is: I made a rectangle of 12” horizontal by 24” vertical. The horizontal length is perfect at 12” but I have 3/8” shorter on the vertical length 23 5/8”. What can make this error?


The calibration routine currently used, in essence, gets horizontal measurement dead-on at the expensive of the vertical measurement. I’m trying to develop a new calibration routine to overcome this… its taking time though.

This thread may help.

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For an experiment you could try uping your rotation radius to 144. Worked for me (don’t tell madgrizzle lol)


Let me know if how it works for you.

Hahaha!! Thanks @madgrizzle and @xrok1. It‘s working! Just put my rotation radius at 139 and it’s much better! I will continue the testing. Thanks a gain!

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:+1: awesome!

Where are you currently cutting? Right in the middle 4x4 or out on the ends of the 4x8? Sounds like something to try but curious what the side effects are.

Right in the middle. I will make some other tests next week.

I made measurements top to bottom and side to side on 4*8 and found the improvement consistent accross the board.
I did not calibration when i set my machine up this time, (raised motors, changed to top feed) cleared settings and entered measurements manually. Ran tests and was 5mm off in the Y, upd rotation radius from 139 to 144 and I’m within .5mm now. Makes me wonder if the routine for calcuating rotation radius insnt somehow faulty or inverted.


Interesting, I’ll have to try it. I also have only manually measured my calibration and it’s pretty good. Curious to see if modifying the rotational radius will dial it it slightly more for me. Thanks for the possible tip.