First Cut: Sail Boat Shelving live from Nigeria

I sought of had issues and couldn’t complete the parts on the first boar(4x8ft MDF). Had to complete it on the one in the picture. Had a lot of chain-skipping issues… I had t re-align my left motor, then of course re-ran calibration… I also make my cuts in one single pass nice and clean(just remember to set tabs)… I hope you get inspired. Cheers to the inventors…


Nice boat! Greetings for Bahrain.

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Nice work. Looks like you got it going well. But a single pass? How thick is your material and what speed and router bit are you using?


Bravo! Cheers from Lagos!

16.5 mm mdf. My speed setting is 13 on the recommended ridgid r22002, HOZLY 6X25mm UP &DOWN Cut Two Flutes Spiral Carbide Tool


Greetings from Nigeria :blush:

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Thanks for the info. The rule of thumb I and others have been following was to cut not deeper than the diameter of your bit. Which of course makes it easier if you have a z-Axis motor and can automate it. You are cutting slower in x/y which maybe compensating for the depth.
Greetings from Colorado :grin:

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