First cut, wrapped chain?

Hi All,
Just ran my first cut - an attempt to cut out some numbers for my apt. door, as a test. For some reason the chain wrapped around itself, as shown. I had to stop the process to make sure it didn’t damage anything. When I pulled everything apart, the Maslow didn’t really follow the gcode I had set up in Easel. It’s not a rectangle as designed, the “0” is wild, and it cut vertically through the 5. I guess I can assume this is because the tension on one side was crazy due to the chain being wrapped? Any idea what caused this chain of events?

this is usually caused by

  1. insufficent tension on the slack side of the chain
  2. the alignment of the chain being bad (look down the side of the workpiece,
    make sure the chain is parallel to the workpiece, shim it out if needed)
  3. the chain not being flexible enough (oil it)

David Lang

Ok, great info, thank you. What would cause insufficient tension on the chain? This is an m2 machine with the big spring running across the top beam.

Attempted to run calibration again. It resulted in : New Accuracy: NaNmm
That’s a new one