Crooked / angled cut

Finally got my machine up and running - used some steel shelf my company was getting rid of as the frame and a 10ft strut for the top. It’s got basically the same dimensions of the wood design but the top bar can be moved in and out if I need to cut thicker stock.

Anyhow, I ran through the calibration and after cut the asterisk looking test pattern which looked symmetric (anyone know what the flat to flat dimension of that should be?)

So yesterday when I tried to cut the folding chair, the whole thing cut on an angle (looked correct on GC):

Any suggestions on what I should do at this point?

Also, I’m using my Craftsman router and the manual states 1 turn equates to 1/8 - so that is the same 3.17 setting as default, however the cuts that are made look shallow.

That is very angled! It sounds to me like something is very off in the calibration process. Is there any chance it’s set up for quadrilateral mode instead of triangular mode (which is the ring)?

It’s triangular.

For things to come out that crooked something needs to be pretty far off so let’s track down what it is.

Do all of the numbers in the settings look reasonable? If so I would run the Actions -> Set Chain Length Automatic command to make sure the chain lengths are correct.

Does the sled end up in the middle of the sheet when you press the “move to center” button? in the last step?

I will try this later tonight, as I am not by the machine. Question - does the machine remember what position the sled was in after a power cycle? After I was done calibrating it the other day, I hung the sled on a pin (hole on the top) and manually re-positioned the chain to take tension off the bungies. Then, when running this job, manually re-positioned the chain to a point where I could attach it back to the sled and through GC, moved it to the start position. Could that have caused my problem? Did I need to set the chain lengths before the job?

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I think that sounds like exactly what’s going on. The chain lengths are remembered through power cycles. Running the set chain lengths automatic should fix it :smiley:

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Yes of course - how else would triangulation work with unknown lengths! Thank-You!