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First Cuts! Finally!




I decided to start with a test cut of the wedges that will be screwed to the bottom of my sled (cut from UHMWPE) to reduce friction and provide vacuum air space beneath the sled (for the eventual vacuum system)

The precision is great (I ran the same g-code twice since it didn’t quite cut all the way through in all parts of the workpiece, mainly because it is a scrap piece of ply with a bit of a bow in it). On the second cut it was within about a half millimeter of the first cut.

I haven’t done any calibration yet, so I am not surprised that the accuracy was not quite there:

Overall the shape is good, but for a part that has to mate to the laser cut steel sled, it’s not nearly close enough. I think for something like an art shape, it would be fine, though. I have plans to cut Max the dog to go with my Grinch, which I cut manually a few years ago, and I think that if I did that now, it would probably look fine.

It has been so long since I read all the calibration posts, and I know there are some new techniques out there (though I haven’t loaded the latest GC and firmware as yet), so I’ve got a ways to go with my reading.

That said, my goal today was to get my new z-axis mounted and it worked so well that I figured I’d try a first cut for the heck of it. Very pleased! :smiley:


@Keith That is FANTASTIC!!!

I would say “Welcome to the club”, but you’ve been in the club for quite a while now :grinning:

Great work!


Thanks @bar. It certainly took me long enough to get here. On the upside, though, the kids have a tree house to occupy them this coming spring/summer, so hopefully I’ll have more time to spend cutting things on the Maslow

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Great tree house. I glanced at the picture and my first thought before reading was “He fit his Maslow in there? And how does he get full sheets of plywood in there?” Yes, I am blonde.


HA! I bet if I tried I could fit it on the porch part, with the arms hanging out the sides, but it would definitely be tight. Maybe as an exhibition piece, though … :slight_smile: