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Cut 2 curvy during calibration

I built a new, slightly smaller and lighter sled for my machine. Installed it, and ran through the calibration the first time. During the test cut, everything stopped between the 2nd cut and 3rd cut. No errors, messages or anything.

I shut everything down, the computer, maslow, everything. Powered everything back on, ran the calibration again, but now, the 2nd cut is “curvy”. (I stop it after the 2nd cut, so I don’t know what cut 3-4 look like) It looks like it’s lowering the Z a little too soon, and once it starts cutting, the curves.

Here’s the part that really worries me… I smell a faint “electrical” burn smell… At first I thought it might be the Z axis motor, since I kept hearing a squeaky noise when adjusting the Z - initially, I thought it was just the screw drive/rails, which I lubed (seemed to help, but didn’t go away)

But now I’m worried it’s the shield. Looks like the one I have (two processors with stick-on heatsinks) has a tendency to burn up. I’ve yet to get on a ladder and put my nose up to the controller.

Does this sound like it could be the controller?

can you get us a picture of the cut?

David Lang

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I went through, checking everything was plugged in securely. I opened up the Z motor to try to figure out what the squeaky noise was, and it looked like one of the “magnetic sensors” (if that’s even the correct term for it) was rubbing against the circular magnet on the motor. I pulled it back just a hair so it wouldn’t rub anymore. I went through the calibration process again, this time to get a photo/video of what it was doing… and guess what? It cut perfectly… I’m about to go back to the garage and cut out a couple projects, see how it goes - fingers crossed.

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Nice sleuthing, I will keep my fingers crossed also :crossed_fingers: