My First project

I’ve had my maslow functional for a month maybe, did a little work on trying to calibrate it and decided that i needed to make something with it. I was trying to learn fusion 360 bit realized that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon and that anything I cut using maslow would initially have to be fairly simple and forgiving of improper calibration and finally 3 nights ago i had the perfect idea for a project.

I’m designing and building a full scale human carrying airplane and have wanted somethingto hang on the wall for inspiration and decided to cut a 7ft + side profile of it and then paint it and maybe even put leds on the back of it and hang it on the wall.
Here it is:

Not bad for my first foray into cnc and maslow i think.

There were a few small issues:
The above is the tailwheel and as you can see it’s a little mangled. I made 2 rookie mistakes:

  1. Although i added tabs i made themso small they were cut away as they were being made.
  2. I should have done the profile operations last.

So that little spindly bit got vibrated around and chewed up. I put a few screws in several places where i knew the router wouldn’t go to hold it in place but the tailwheel was too small for that.

Anyway this next pic is of the profile leaning up against the stand I’m building the fuselage on:

And this last pic is what i hope the finished plane will look like someday:


Wow. That is inspiring🎯

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Nice one. Good luck with Fusion!

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Love the gull wings!

I finally finished it up. The paint job is amateurish at best but I’m the only one who lives here so there’s no one else to make fun of it. Hopefully it’ll provide a little motivation for building the real thing. It’s hung up over my desk where i work on the design.