Folding three leg table

Inspired by a social distancing get together at a friend’s house. I just got tired of clearing off the cooler we were using as a table each time we needed something in the cooler. Designed with 3 legs so it will not rock on uneven ground and is very stable. This piece is a combination of 3D printing and the Maslow. All STL 3D files can be downloaded at;
Here is a video I made that explains more about the table and how I used Fusion 360 with the new UI to design it.


This is super cool! What an elegant design.

more details please (plans would be fantastic)

David Lang

That is some interesting hardware you used. Can you take some more pictures of it at different angles? Pretty slick!

David, In the video I linked with the post I did describe all the measurements needed to cut the piece. But to make it easy, here are the G-code files set for 1/2 plywood. Note: The table top (bigtable) in this file was cut with the grain running vertically. (4.5 KB) (14.2 KB) I’ll take some more assembly pics asap. Jon


Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

Here are the pictures of how the table is made. I don’t have plans as this was just a concept I drew up in Fusion and adjusted as needed (see the Fusion video for more measurements). Most of the hardware is 3D printed (see the earlier Thingiverse link). You will need 10 large shaft collars (the one with the slot in them for the diagonal struts) 8 small shaft collars and 2 of the clip ends. I printed them in ABS and they are quite tough (50% infill- Extruder 240 and bed 100) (ABS is the stuff of Lego blocks) The diagonal bracing struts (1/8 by 1/2 aluminum) are all the same length (14 & 9/16 space between holes) don’t leave too much material past the hole as there in not much room in the collars. All bolts /nuts are 4-40 X 1 and two 3/4 inch for the clips. The space between the wood stringers is not too critical but mine are 7 inch top and 8.5 in bottom spacing. I used a 12 inch small piano hinge to secure the top straight wood stringer to the table and just put it in the middle an inch or so from the handle. Measure the middle at the front of the table and where the folding leg intersects the line, that is where to add the hole in small wood strip with the magnet . The legs are 24 in. solid 1/2, 6061 aluminum with 2 inch by 1/8 plate welded to the top flush on the two by the hinges and 7/8 down from the end on the front swinging piece. The problem may be the aluminum. I weld more aluminum lately than steel. I find it much cheaper in time. Aluminum is a bit more expensive to buy, but steel takes longer to clean and finish. I use a hand spooler on my Millermatic with 100 % Argon. I digress, but I feel Maslovans are makers of many materials and gearing up to weld aluminum has opened many opportunities . Here is another project using aluminum I’m just wrapping up to make my point. (a solar water heater).

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