Frame Build Help

So I have my Maslow now. Now I need to build the frame. i would like

  • Something to cut the entire 4x8 sheet
  • Personal use only
  • Prefer wood maybe a mix of metal.
  • On wheels

I have downloaded the 80/60 manual and some unistrut design but nothing with a how to or write up. I just want to make sure I get it right the 1st time. I do like the bolt thru design how easy would that be to add skirts to, to get use of the entire sheet?

Cutting full sheet will be improved with a 12 foot top beam. Otherwise lots of info here, just read everything you can.

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Check out this link: One week of fun and games I mixed the idea with the Bee’s 80/60 Frame Design and this is my end product:

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Thanks. Great write up that I will be referencing. Just appears to be a huge task ahead of me. Hopefully I’ll get to this frame build soon.

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