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Frame build offset question

oops, i forgot to ask my question. i am really liking the way this frame came out. i am planning on using unistrut vs the framing in the pic. based on the pic, it looks as if the frame was built and leaned back at a 15 degree angle. if i was to follow the plan, what is the offset (distance) the top rail overhangs the cutting surface? also, mine will not be mobile, it will be fixed against the wall.

that distance depends on your sled. The right way to set it is to assemble your
sled (with weights) and find the height above the workpiece that you can hang
the sled by a ring bracket and have it hang straight. Put the ring at that
height and adjust the offset so that the chains are parallel to the workpiece
with the thickness of material you are using

depending on your sled, weights, and workpiece thickness, this is generally in
the 3-6: range

if you make the front-rear pieces of unistrut, you can get the heavy unistrut
right angle brackets and mount them to the front of the legs and make this

Dvid Lang

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