Frame design options

I went through and tweaked the onshape maslow design (cleaning up the CAD definitions)

the result is at

I did a minimal modification to make a version that used a strong top beam instead of the angled arms.

This is a branch in the same onshape document, you can get to it directly at

And finally I did a bit more tweaking and have what I think I will build. This is a folding frame that has wheels on it to make it easier to move in and out of my garage and use as little space as possible while stored. I’ll probably add a large whiteboard to the back legs. I will put rope or chains between the front and back legs to limit how far it opens (and thereby adjusting it’s angle)

This is the easiest to build as it has nothing other than 2x material cut to length (except the sled and brick holders) I ordered a LVL beam from my local lumber yard for $35, so the top beam will be nice and stiff.


I don’t really know what I am talking about but the folding LVL beam design looks awesome. The ability to slot it in against the wall will be very handy. I will come back and look at this once kit orders open again.

Just took a look at your designs. I think I may try your folding alternate also.

And for some reason I can’t find your post if I browse thru the forums or do a search for your posts. I have to click on the link you posted. Could it be that this post isn’t categorized at all?

it did end up in the ‘uncatergoized’ category. I don’t know how to change that

How strange. I looked in all subcategories and couldn’t find it.

I’m new to OnShape. How do I generate a SVG for the CNC parts?

Onshape produces 3D models, not 2D drawings, so SVG cannot represent them.

You can export to a number of 3D formats that CAM software will accept, but it
looks like there is an app you can use inside onshape to directly produce the
g-code. I haven’t used it yet (but whoever setup the original maslow document in
onshape did) called kiri

it even has an integrated g-code sender so (once we work the bugs out), you can
cut directly from inside onshape and not even need to touch Ground Control
(after the calibration is setup)

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after watching some of the kiri videos, there are a series of short videos that
cover specific features

and there is a 20 min video that is a much better tutorial of the entire thing.

here is a video that shows using kiri from within onshape

I posted it earlier, but it was in the middle of many other links

You can export SVG from sketches within OnShape.

Really? How do you export a .svg from a sketch?

I’ve been making a drawing file and exporting as a .dxf

Ah sorry, I meant DXF/DWG.

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Excuse my horrible OnShape drawing but this is what I’m going to as an alternate to the 2nd alternate design.

Essentially, I’ll just integrate some plywood storage along with some extra 2x4s to keep it from sagging.


I like the storage idea! At what degree tilt are you with this design?

I think it was around 12 degrees but that wasn’t my design. I just brute forced some wheels and plywood onto it.

The storage is a great idea. I was going to go the hinge and chain route but your idea helps solve a storage problem (lots of sheet goods turning up in the barn cleanout).

What is the best angle? Iirc 10 to 15% has been mentioned here.

If you can spare a few inches it might even be better to build a ledge on the backside of the frame. I can’t imagine I’ll have a fun time trying to slide 3/4" plywood through that opening unless I fully support it lengthwise.

You might want to include some stiffening behind the work area. See @gero’s comment here

Sorry, I meant to quote @gero’s comment above.

Yea, I was planning on making 3 frames.