Frame reinforcement recomendations?

I’ve been building my Maslow over the last few days and am noticing that the stock frame design is a little wobbly. Anyone have some pictures of best practice frame reinforcement methods used by other builders?

Are you on the temp frame or “final frame”. Here is some info on the temp frame:

Final frame. And some extra words to meet the 20 check requirements.

i was planning to make mine a torsion box, should be incredibly rigid. that combined with a horizontal beam on top should eliminate a lot of wobble, especially since mine will have to move around, or pivot to the roof, or stand up straight against the wall when not in use, and the floor of my garage isn’t exactly even.

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The real critical thing is that the motors don’t move relative to each other.
Once you stop that, the rest of it doesn’t need to be especially strong, you
just need it to not be too warped (or the sled will ride on the hills and cuts
in the valleys won’t be as deep as you expect)



Spaced braces worth doing?


That looks like nice clean look.