Frame size question

Just wondering, I am looking to make a frame for a half sheet of plywood instead of a full. Are there any settings or anything that need to be changed for this?

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My guess for this question to answer is, if you plan portrait or landscape? (as per orientation)

I have been working on a similar thing. I designed mine to cut mostly 4x4 ply, but end up using it to cut from 2x4 sheets. I didn’t have to change any settings. I just followed all the instructions but cut my frame down. I haven’t used it enough to work out all the kinks, but everything seems pretty close in my first few projects.image|666x500

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@Aargolf what seems to be a link to a picture does not work for me.
@TNTahan A frame with the stock size would give you a nice precision on a 2x4. Scaling down, your best bet option on a frame is to go as big as you can. What is the frame size you are targeting? From the little I know the ratio of width to hight originated from the ratio of a ply sheet (4x8). It my opinion that you would go higher and wider in the same ratio as far as you can.

I am planning to only cut a half sheet on my machine (4’x4’) but was going to keep the 10’ top beam and the original hight of motors above the material. It seems like that is the sweet spot in a 4x8 cut anyway. Shrinking any dimensions might give you less accuracy and give you a smaller sweet spot. With all the accuracy improvements lately that might not be as much of an issue anymore.


Let me try these pictures again!


You can build the full size frame and things will work well.

If you want to build a smaller frame:

the stock frame has the motors 1’ out from the edge of the work, moving them to 2’ out would work better

keep the height above the workpiece, the angle of the chain at the top center can limit how well you work in that area

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