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Frame with Sheet Goods Rack



I recently purchased the Maslow Kit and am looking in to building the frame. I have somewhat limited space in my garage and happen to also need a sheet goods rack. Has anyone looked in to building a frame that incorporates a sheet goods rack? Is it even worth pursuing or perhaps it would be best to just build them separate and work with the space limitation?

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As an idea:


Yep, I’m happy with this design. I’ve since gotten the maslow mounted to it:


Me too. We built our Maslow with sheet goods storage and it has worked very well. Ours has casters, which allows us to move the Maslow a little to make the process of getting sheets in and out easier. This is especially important if you are working in tight quarters or have a tendency to accumulate clutter.

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This is the human condition, isn’t it? :slight_smile: