Sheet/Board storage integrated Maslow rolling frame

I decided that if I was going to have a large 10’x3’ frame sitting around in my garage, I had better make use of the back side for sheet & board storage. So I built a triangular rolling frame with a unistrut/superstrut top bar and integrated sheet/board storage.

I may have to move the top bar to be under the cantilevered supports depending upon motor & chain clearance (chain to the supports, motors to the bottom of my garage door…). I left the cantilevered pieces long so that I could adjust the distance the motors are away from the back panel of the frame, I may shorten them up a bit later.

More photos and dimensions are at my blog:

Next up, getting the actual Maslow parts working…



What a great idea and build! Thanks for sharing!

I like the tubes for long skinnies!

Awesome sauce!

Good work.

Thank you

ohhh interesting!!!