FreeCAD 21 with Maslow upgrade to M2

I am having pretty good luck working with FreeCad 21 using the Gbrl post processor to my Upgraded Maslow M2. There are a few problems with the standard The M3 command is inserted and the MakerVerse software locks the system up (comment it out) manually with Notepad, or modify the The next problem is the tool change command M6, it is not understood ( I change it to M0 with Notepad.

Would like to share with similar setup and users.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences. As a long-time (though recently inactive) FreeCAD user, I could see using this chain for my future Maslow work. One question, is “Freehand” in the topic title a typo?

Autocorrect hits again, you are correct. I sent a note to support. Hope they can fix it.

I have used FreeCad with my 3D printer for several years. When I started to use the Maslow the designs were good but there were a lot of problems translating it to code for the Maslow. With the upgrade to an M2 and the change to MakerVerse the path process improved.

I can do simple pockets but complex pockets error out. The speeds and feeds are slow but very consistent. I think a tunned Maslow M2 Grbl post processor is the next step. Grbl works but lets codes through that the Maslow Duo doesn’t understand.

As it happens, I’m also a moderator, so I fixed it for you.

I am between Maslows right now. The original Maslow I had access to is no more, and I am waiting for my Maslow 4 to arrive. I am just beginning to think about my work flow on the new hardware.

The 4 looks good. I probably won’t change. I really just do 1 offs. I did just preorder the 500. It is supposed to arrive in December. Will you use your new 4 commercially?

No, just a hobbyist. My day job is in a big organization where I don’t do the physical building, so it’s nice to be more hands-on at home.

I understand, though I’ve been retired for a lot of years. All my effort is to keep busy trying new things.

I ran a tech center for Whirlpool, lots of great model shop toys, but I couldn’t justify letting me touch them. Model makers did all the work.

Hello Strimmer,
I use FreeCAD (not tried the v21 yet) since many years now, and use it for most of my Maslow projects CAD and CAM. I also use the grbl post processor, I know there are some functions in the GCODE that are ignored by Maslow (I use GroundControl), but I never really paid attention as it was not blocking. Can you precise the kind of errors you encounter with complex pocket for example ?

There were several problems M6 tool change sometimes acts as a pause. At other times it seems to act as a hard stop. I just. Avoid it and use the pause.

I also had problems with errors that were not explained. I tried $20=0 but I continued to get out of limits. The gcode seemed to be correct. I am not positive but I may have instructed the machine to make a turn to tight. My other thought was that having line numbers in the code may have somehow confused MakerVerse. The problems don’t always happen at the same point. I finished the project and still have not found the answer.

My pocket problem doesn’t occur on rectangular or round pockets. I just confuse the MakerVerse with elaborate pockets that you might get when cutting out a sign.

I continue to try new things, and won’t give up easily.

Even in the current (1990’s) NIST spec for GCode, line numbers are NOT recommended. So yeah, not surprised that some software gets confused by them.

ok, interesting. I will keep that in mind.