New updated Maslow release

Maker made did a live video on friday and I’m surprised to not see a thread about it here. Whats up?
I already have a killer z setup so not worried about that.
The new motor brackets could be useful.
A GRBL DUE? Yes plz! Hopefully not a ton of prep/calibration to set that up. And does that mean ability to adjust speed going into and out of corners?

Anyway, love to read your thoughts.

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Do you have a link?

Yes, I watched that with a lot of interest, too. I’m intending to get my first Maslow in the next month or two, so the timing is perfect.

But I’d to know more about the software setup for the M2 (they said in their video that they are not calling this a Maslow, but rather M2). The said it won’t work with webcontrol or groundcontrol, but requires another gcode sender. And that a raspberry pi was still an option, but running different code. They mentioned a few examples, but I’m new to this and didn’t recognize the names. So any thoughts on how you’d setup the software for GRBL DUE?

I was very intrigued by their statement that the could run the z-axis simultaneously with x and y.

The z-axis ad wall mount motor brackets look like a great idea.

Here’s a link.

we’ve been able to run the Z at the same time as the X and Y for quite a while
no (a year or so I think)

too bad they locked the info onto facebook. Do they have a normal web page about
it or a github repo?

David Lang

They used to sell the above board
I think they added the ability to add a laser to it in the latest version

That board has been out for around a year. With not much traction. Glad to see them push forward with improvements

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From their website. M2 Upgrade Bundle is the perfect way to take your making and milling projects to the next level. The M2 addresses the key opportunities for the Maslow, namely:

  • Up to 40% faster cutting speed thanks to 2x z-axis movement and improved control board performance
  • Improvement of chain slack solution; reduced chance for chain wrap
  • Increased milling and z-axis accuracy
  • Simpler calibration process and overall user experience thanks to new control board and software
  • JTech laser module ready
  • T-Nut locking system for z-axis offers easy, quick adjustment to swap out and center different router sizes

This upgrade will work with nearly any existing or past variant of the Maslow (testing just hasn’t yet been performed with linkage kit). At $299, this pre-order kit is more than a 20% savings versus retail price of the individual components.

Note- sled and router not included with this upgrade. JTech laser module will be available for sale on the site VERY soon!

Components Included in this Kit:

  • Aluminum extruded z-axis module with 90mm router clamp
  • GRBL DUE board with protective case
  • Custom Laser Mount for JTech Laser Module
  • Spring with Carabiner hooks for drive chain slack
  • 1/4-to-1/8in Collet Reducer
  • Access to v1 of Maker Made’s proprietary “Instapath” – an automatic SVG creation software

M2 sled and router not included in the box, but will be available separately this summer.

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Hey all,

I dropped a topic in hardware last week, but maybe didn’t give it the right name. Happy to answer any questions about the M2 that anyone has. Thanks @Metalmaslow for providing info above.

So, when we first talked to Bar in 2018 about taking on production, his one ask was that we try to make it accessible for a broader audience. That’s the goal of the M2- take the advantages of Maslow and make it more accessible for users who aren’t as adept as this community, but still want to create amazing projects at scale.

Here’s the link to the M2 upgrade page, btw-



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Is it using the grbl-due software that @ldocull made?

Yep, we’ve been working with him over the last year to get this ready. Additionally, we’ve been developing our own raster-to-SVG automated conversion tool, and working on a partnership with CNCjs to develop a M2-specific control interface.

Nice… I use CNCjs myself on another CNC. Has the grbl-due software been updated since he last posted? I’m curious about the kinematics used and calibration as the last I saw it was just basic trig and didn’t consider things like chain wrap around sprockets, sag, etc.


Yeah, so because we were an early (and ongoing) backer of CNCjs, we are looking at forking our own variant, which will be simplified and configured specifically for Maslow/M2 use. Still finalizing timing on that release, but have also found that bCNC works really well as an in-between at the moment.

Does the grbl-due firmware still use the same basic trig calculations for kinematics?

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