Maslow 4 received in Canada and Built


I excitedly received my Maslow4 a couple days ago up in Canada. I got it built in about 4 hours last night with no issues, great directions and clarity BTW.

I connected easily, and updated to latest firmware no problem.

I was hoping to do some bench testing just to make sure I have assembled correctly. If someone can let me know what are the best items to bench test when it is no hung on a frame, id appreciate it, or point me to a thread that someone has asked this same question, I just couldn’t find it.

So far I have retracted all the belts easily and successfully, I’ve extended all the belts easily and succesfully (love the rocking motion tip), I have moved the unit up and down along the z axis via the z axis step controls, I have tested out the Stop button in the control interface and then had to restart unit and refresh web browser to get the heartbeat back.

Are there any other things I may want to test or am able to test before getting it onto a frame?

Thanks in advance, and well done to everyone in getting this product designed and produced… Ideas are just Ideas, but to get it around the world working into the hands of people is an amazing feat, you should all be so proud!

I’ve never CNC’d anything in my life lol, so excited to try! (I’m a 3d printer)

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It sounds to me like you are ready to put it on the frame and start calibrating!

Great work!