Freecad Final Sled with CAM files

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It seems I cannot upload the CAM file it is 4 MB and it does not let me upload it

4MB should be OK, the limit is 50MB…I will look into what is going on.

Have you tried the file upload button here:

Woah…the page is showing up for me at this link (which looks to be the same one you are using):

So should I get push access?

Were you able to enter a GitHub user name when creating the project? It looks to me like the robot didn’t record your user name right if you did. If it gets your username it will send you an invitation to have push access. I can invite you manually, what user name do you use on GitHub?

My username is Thesilmarill.

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You have been invited!

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Sorry for the trouble! The garden is still pretty buggy, I haven’t had as much time to spend on it as I would like

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Better late (in the thread) than never…


No problem.

I should say that when exporting the Gcode, the best option for processor centroid.
After export you need to change G20 to G21 if your units were not set up right in the tool->preference->units section.