Original Maslow Sled Design

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I tried to cut the original sled from the files posted, but I found that the sled diameter was 22.5" rather than 18", and the other features were also scaled up compeared to the “new” sled design…

I think I know what’s going on. The issue has to do with the default resolution of MakerCAM not matching the resolution of the file saved from inkscape. Changing the import resolution to 96 in MakerCAM fixed the issue for me.

I’ve created a pull request here to propose updating the file resolution to import into MakerCAM the correct size.

This earlier sled design is actually a little smaller than the new 18 inch sled (I think it’s 400mm?) so don’t be concerned if it comes out a little smaller.

how did you convert the files to g-code? there was probably a scaling error in

I imported it to makercam. Although units aren’t displayed I tried opening the new sled design at the same time and that one is much smaller than the original sled design so seems like the scaling was off even before I generated the gcode, I just didn’t notice the first time. Are you able to open the file and measure the diameter?

How much smaller are we talking?

I haven’t found a good way to measure dimensions in MakerCAM but here’s how big the new original sled design looks for me when placed inside a 18in rectangle:

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