Frontier design

If any of you are interested in great design files for CNC check out our website. A perfect source for project making. We have a free file available on our website so you can see what comes included with every download. Swedish design, made for everyone!



are you coming out with a bigger variety of items, because right now it looks like you only have 12 storage boxes?

We will be releasing new products monthly. We have had great success selling this storage system in Sweden (and indeed lots of other countries). However we have never been a big fan of shipping physical products all over the world for environmental reasons. We have always had lots of contact from makers wanting files for making these products, so we thought we would release them into the wild!

There is lots more to come…


Nice !!
Really like it.

Think i will do some of this soon!

I just checked the free trial because I was curious.
The DXF seems to be in mm so when I load it in EstlCAM its way to small.

Just wanted to let you know that there might was an wrong setting during export these file?


Just change it in Estlcam and it will sort it to your native settings. IE - When you open it, make sure you open it in MM, and let Estlcam convert it to whatever your settings are.

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