Help w/ DXF files?

I’ve found a DXF for a chair that I’d really like to cut but no matter what I do I can’t convert this to a SVG that works. DXF2GCODE crashes when trying to load it. The online convert io site renders a blank.

Can anyone help me convert this to an SVG?

Page w/ Link to download design:

See attached. Just imported it to inkscape and exported as svg.

Layer Chair - by DyvikDesign - dxf (974.4 KB)

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When try to load that up in JSCut it returns blank - that happened when I tried to use Inkscape too, but I admit I’m not good w/ Inkscape.

maybe a scaling issue. It may not be opening in 1:1 mm and is off the page or is white rather than black outlined…

I’d recommend trying as it knows about DXF Files and can work with them natively. Set the CNC Program to GRBL and it will make a nc file that Maslow can handle.

I’ve had a few web-converters that failed with DXFs and I had to export to AI from the cad program (which is kinda silly), and then I had to re-scale manually after loading the SVG into MakerCAM… so I’ve been trying out different CAM systems.

I prefer inkscape. it opens in inkscape in pixel units. Change everything to mm, change the page size to 2400 mm width by 1200 mm height. I thought it was a scaling issue, but the page size is off. Honestly though that doesn’t matter. The line size is a really small pixel value. If you change the line stroke width to 3.175 mm (1/8") then they look right.

When you zoom in though, there appears to be multiple lines. That is strange.

Those will have to be deleted by hand, then save the svg file and it will be usable by the next person.

I don’t want to be that guy, but if you have DXF then why convert to SVG? You really want to go directly DXF -> G-code, with no intermediate steps.

op said in post 1 above that dxf2gcode was crashing so he was trying to work around.

I may have found the issue.

As @Orob saw there are multiple lines. Once I deleted those and took a closer look at the cut line it isn’t connected. In fact it is in several segments for each piece, breaking just before and after a curve.

I’m now going through the tedious process of joining the nodes.

One easy ways to delete multiple overlaping lines in a DXF is loading it in the free Draftsight, there is a easy tool to delete lines and clean up drawings, works fine for me.

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Aren’t those lines part of the design? In the third picture on the web page there is a closeup showing that each piece has two ‘stairstep’ cuts in it to make the top smoother when the piece is set at an angle.

Deleting them would probably ruin the design.


Yes, I know, but wouldn’t it be better to figure out the problem, instead of avoiding it? Could try a different DXF tool to view the source material, to see if there were any errors in the source. I’d suggest QCAD (because I always do). If there is no problem with the source then export it in smaller parts so that DXF2GCODE might work. Or submit a bug report to DXF2GCODE and have someone look into it.

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In Fusion 360 they’re referred to as Tool 1 and Tool 2 but no tool specs were provided. I’m thinking I just need a functional chair and if I need to do clean up with a belt sander well… so be it.

@Celio_Santos I’ll Google for that. Ty!

The artist is mortified.

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I was able to load the DXF in Qcad, the adittional lines are on seperat layers called Trimm1 and Trimm2. I deleted those layers as well as the layer with the hold down holes and saved it as a R12 (old format).dxf.
dxf2gcode was then able to open it.

If you save the original file (without deleting the Trimm1 and Trimm2 layers) in the older DXF format, will DXF2GCODE open it?

They look like they are overlapping with the cut line. I only have an older version of DXF2GCODE and all other attempts showed some error with more then 10000 iterations, or so and wold not load. Anyhow, the design uses the full sheet getting close to all corners. Unlikely that the Maslow will cut that precise, at the top or in the low corner, so splitting them to cut on 2 sheets seems urgent to me.

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Ok. Splitting the job into two parts makes sense, but deleting part of the job doesn’t.

Without those cuts I’m pretty sure the OP will end up with something quite different to the original design.

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For any ones interest. Qcad export to SVG worked, in Inkscape select all and turn off ‘fill’ and make line at least 1mm. Then JScut wold load it, but you cant select the splines accurately, I guess because it is just to big and you can’t zoom in.

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