Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kits

Update: This exact kit is no longer available, there is a newer, cheaper kit available here

Untill now there wasn’t a decent router to mount a z-axis to outside stars and stripes country, but no more.
Here is the Bosch POF 1200 conversion kit. (thanks to @Ned) (i’m quite sure it also fits on the POF 1400 though i can’t confirm this)
The router costs around €120 in the beer and chocolate country (Belgium) but the prices seem around that range around the world.

What’s in the kit?

  • 200mm lead screw + nut
  • a 3d printed nut mount that goes into the router
  • a 3d printed motor mount
  • 4 screws to fasten the internal part
  • the first order gets some ruby chocolate, the cutting edge of the chocolate world right now. :wink:

The price is €30 per set + shipping

The router does not fit into the now standard @bar’s ring kit(unless you’re willing to saw of the handles which are mostly hollow which @dru did with great succes)
@dlang 's linkage kit does work perfectly i’m told

The link to the original tread is here

@Ned’s presentation video


how are you selling these?

please make a post in swap meet and get a moderator to pin it

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This is swap meet and yes, a pin would be welcome :slight_smile:


There is a link up in the store! Let me know if there is anything you would like to see changed!


Hi Dag. I would love to have you send me a kit. How do i transfer you the money, and how much do you think it will cost to ship to Denmark. The chokolate will be welcome as well :wink:

Shipping to belgium is €5 (or free if you come pick it up :slight_smile: ) the most of europe is €13.
Would money transfers via an iban number be easiest? I have no idea honestly.

I would love to come pick it up, if Belgium was just a little bit closer to Denmark :slight_smile:

Looks like bank transfer is an option, but im wondering if there is an easier way. Do you have any recommandations @bar ?

I’ve got no other recommendations other than to say that @Dag83 has been an upstanding member of the community for a long time and I’m very sure he’s not a scam. PayPal is always a safe option


maybe, i’m preforming the most elaborate and least profitable scam of all time, moahahaha :smiley:

Paypal does offer some securities, but i can’t seem to find if and how much commision they charge when? i’ve only ever used it to pay for things. I’m selling these near cost, and already rounded down the shipping, so there is not a lot of margin left.

And appearantly money transfers inside the SEPA zone are free.


Kan ik een set bestellen zonder leischroef + moer die heb ik al.
Wat gaat dat dan kosten, woon in belgiė.


Als je u bij op de kaart zet :wink: , dan moet €30 wel lukken inc verzending. Zolang niet iedereen dat gaat vragen, want dan ga ik met een hoop schroeven op overschot zitten.


Heb mijn plaats op kaart ingesteld denk ik

I can buy the screw set from you
If you can post to scotland
And I am happy to pay extra fees ontop for paypal etc

What do you need to transfer via paypal to me?

Ill pm my email
You then can send me a paypal invoice plus any paypal , handling and shipping charges
Can you please sell me a full kit and the spare lead screw set

Hi you need log on to your paypal then request money and send me a paypal invoice for the total amount to my email address

Hey Dag83

I’m over her in NZ how do I buy this kit from you

Cheers G


I think someone was printing the parts in middle earth as well, if not, shipping appears to be €13 from belgium, but it had to pass customs.

Hi Dag, I would love to get one of these kits from you!
How do I proceed? I live in Norway. I would prefer Paypal if that is an option.