Functioning Laser Test 1

We have successfully ran a few jobs with a laser integrated into the machine. We have a new DUE based board we are running it through. Current tests have just been path based jobs, but we have PWM support on the laser and will be doing a raster job next.


Master it Burns!

Thank you

That is awesome! I have really enjoyed playing with my blue laser engraver! Can’t wait to see what else you do with it!

very nice, what is power of laser? How thick of a material can it burn through?

Mine is a blue laser and I believe it was purchased as a 5w laser, though it seemed hotter than the other 5w laser that was purchased in a different batch. I have only tried to engrave with mine and it will engrave marble but that is the hardest thing I have gotten it to engrave. I’m sure for balsa wood you could cut through, the biggest problem is that you have to take multiple passes so that the heat doesn’t build up and catch on fire. It will definitely melt a hole in a plastic folding table on full blast, I learned that when I plugged it in without having it connected to the laptop.

What software are you using to control the laser?

Thank you

This looks fantastic! Nice work!

I keep responding, although I’m not sure you’re asking me hahahah I use LaserGRBL to run mine. It takes the picture I want to burn and does the complete conversion. It takes a while to get used to and figure out the right settings to get good looking prints but I have been very satisfied with the results.

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Have tested with bCNC, lightburn, and rdworks.

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