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Fusion 360 codes no longer work in GC


I tried to make a new gcode after doing a reinstall of fusion 360, and had reloaded the maslow post process. but im getting an error message in GC saying “Cannot reopen gcode file. It may have been moved or deleted. To locate it or open a different file use Actions > G-Code” It is most definitely still in the folder that i put all of my codes in. i also tried using the grbl post processor and get the same message in GC. i can load old files, but not new ones. any ideas as to whats going on?


What happens if you open a new g-code?


Hey Gero! Coming to my rescue again!

I get a notice in Ground Control saying it cant open the file and to look for another one. i Just now realized that the command prompt window that also opens up with GC says unable to compute velocity.


I don’t think the 2 are related.
In the groundcontorl.ini the path to the last gcode is stored in the line with ->openfile =
If there is something wrong with that path or the file name has changed, GV will throw the error.


there is nothing in the openfile= line.


!#$^#$I^&% i just tried a simple pattern and it loaded the gcode just fine. I’m assuming at this point that it has something to do with the design that has been nothing but trouble for me.


here are the files for anyone that wants to analyze what this particular gcode doesnt want to work