Maximum number of lines of Gcode?

Does anyone know if GC has a limit on how big of a gcode file it will open?
I’m trying to do a halftone picture, with 8000+ actual cuts (dots), which means 32000 or more actual lines of code.

GC keeps locking up.

I’ve had success getting it to open with up to ~8000 lines of code (so I have to break the gcode into 4 or more individual files…)

or…is this yet another reason to finally switch to the raspberry pi webcontrol method? Does it have a max number of lines of gcode?



I believe that there is a limit, but you will see an error message when you hit it. If it’s locking up that probably has more todo with something going wrong when trying to display the gcode file.

Would it be possible to split the file up into a couple smaller files?

That’s what I had to do. I split it into files that were ~8000 lines of code each.


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IMO - Computers handle files differently, opening and allocating are two diffrent things in my book. Some PC’s lock up, some error out, and some crash the app. This is looking a multiple pieces of software over many manufactures and OSs. I’ve not tried to open a large Gcode file on GC as I never needed to do so. Somewhere I have a 3D file in the 118mb size and over a trillion lines. I’ll see if I can find it again.

Thank you