Fusion 360 Heights settings

I am using Fusion 360 for CAM. When I do a contour to cut a shape out, I set the heights as shown in the attached screenshot. When the cut first starts, it tries raising the bit too much and hits the limit of the Z adjustment screw and then the motor bogs down. Not sure why it is trying to do this because I set the height to 0.20" and I properly set my Z home to its just shy of touching the workpiece.

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you probably have Z=0 set to the bottom of the workpiece in Fusion 360, you need
to set it to the top of the workpiece.

David Lang

Where is that setting?

I think I see it. The origin point (stock point) has the Z at the bottom of the workpiece.


Sorry, I can’t use Fusion 360 since I run Linux, but I’ve heard it mentioned

David Lang

change that to be at the top of the workpiece.

Your settings seem correct. Which post processor are you using?

It was the stock point that was incorrect. Changed that and all is good. BTW, I am using the Maslow post processor here: https://cam.autodesk.com/hsmposts?p=maslowcnc&_ga=2.194961005.1114821447.1540494419-409187861.1538658799