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Fusion Update Extensions

The latest update has extensions as an additional purchase. Can anyone else tell me if the manufacture extension they are saying you will have to purchase, is the entire manufacturing capability, or if the purchase is only needed for the high end parts of the manufacturing? My fear is they are going to require purchasing to use the maufacturing at all.

This is my surprised face.

Yep I just put in a ton of time figuring out how to use fusion for CAM.

before we overreact, what is the actual policy?

I’m not a fan of autodesk, but I’ll at least try to find out the actual policy
rather than react to a question about what the policy is as if the worst case

David Lang


That is why I asked if anyone esle knew, I tried to find that information last night and their website was no help. I am hoping paying for extensions means only the gee whiz features are pay for play.

I tried to figure this out last night as well, but it’s not incredibly clear on the Fusion website.

This article seems to indicate that the core manufacturing functionality will remain and the advanced stuff will be part of the “extension”.

so this article is from August of last year

it says they are not removing anything from the tools, but instead of having two
paid tiers ($319/year and $1500/year) are switching to one paid tier ($495/year)
plus charging for the additional fields that will be deployed as extensions.

So, until they remove functionality, or try to charge you for an extension, just
keep using it (and if you are using it for free, thank them for having a
hobbiest level)

As I said, I am far from a fan of Autodesk and have refused to use their free
tool, but you need to be fair with what they are and aren’t doing. So far, this
is not taking anything away.

David Lang

Right, this appears to be one of the more recent articles on the subject. I could not find anything from 2020, so I suspect this was announced awhile ago and they are just getting to the implementation phase.

@Hentsch That’s correct, it was offered sometime last year and is now in a free trial period. The ‘Manufacturing Extension’ in a nutshell offloads computing/GPU cycles onto the Autodesk cloud servers, so it will not tie down or bog down your workstation.

Advanced features like generative design, photorealistic 3D rendering, AI tool path optimization are probably not things most Maslow users would be interested in. Although, I will admit the generative design video demo’s perk my interest and look like an alien designed it, but not sure it would be of any interest do 2.5 axis CNC outcomes.

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What are you using David?

I primarily use onshape

David Lang

Thanks, I see they have a free hobbyist license as well, may kick it around in the future.