Fusion360 with MaslowCNC


The link above is to the MaslowCNC Wiki page detailing the Unofficial Fusion360 File for the MaslowCNC machine. Its intended to serve as a strong starting point both for new Fusion360 users and new MaslowCNC users.

(It details a 3D model of the MaslowCNC Frame), 2D layout for cutting all parts and provides tooling path descriptions from which to export G-Code for use in the GroundControl application.

Every effort has been made to follow AutoCADs recommendations for organizing and building Fusion360 files, models, component objects, and CAM actions. New users should easily be able to find insight in its organization for their own Fusion360 Projects with MaslowCNC.


Thank you for this! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Maslow and though I would try my hand with some of the software. I’ve got a little bit of experience with SketchUp and naively thought that Fusion 360 would be something I could figure out. MAN was I wrong. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn a bit from what you’ve put together here.

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Tutorials. YouTube is your friend. After a lot of paid tutorials I can tell you that the YouTube ones are basically people recreating the paid ones, minus the accompanying files.
Fusion 360 is a little daunting at first, but it’s a really good clone of Solidworks. It uses a proven system for prototype to production. My favorite aspect is how easy it is to share designs within their environment.
I’d suggest watching a bunch of YouTube tutorials and then going back with the program open and doing the work along with the videos. Lars Christensen is really good. He has a nice pace and breaks it all down replay well.


With great power comes great responsibility :grinning:

I learned drafting with dead trees and discovered the decent cad programs have steep learning curves. Like @iRoc999 says plug away at the tutorials. To quote a famous US TV personality your patience will be rewarded

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