G - code editor

What program out there is for editing g-code.

g-code is just text, so any halfway decent text editor can be used.

David Lang

like what
Word ?

does it have to be saved as anything particular ( .nc)

What format will GC open

I would suggest something like notepad. Word will want to save it in Word format and do all sorts of document-appropriate tricks with it, but you just want to edit text. The Maslow g-code files are .nc, so that’s a pretty good choice. I am only aware of GroundControl opening .nc files, although I’m just getting started using GC.

more like wordpad (word it so sophisticated that it has trouble leaving things

save the files as plain text.

there is not a standard file extension for g-code, .nc is common, but not the
only one. I don’t remember this list of what GC will find by default, but you
can set it to show multiple extensions.

David Lang

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bCNC has a nice built-in editor with a visual reference to the cut you are editing. It also allows you to move blocks of code around to optimise the travel.

Do you already have a favorite text editor, like vi(m) or emacs, etc?

You don’t say which OS you’re using. Not up on Plan9’s editors, but for WinDoze Notepad++ has enhanced gcide editing with the right plugin. Here’s a quick article on it



So I opened my gcode in word pad did my editing and saved it as a “txt” file. when I open GC and try to open it I can not see any files except “nc” files.


rename the file to have a .nc extension and all should be well.



I did not know that you could do that :slight_smile:

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Glad to be of help!