Ground Control unable to bring in g-code

I am having trouble with ground control being able to open g-code files. When in ground control it shows all folders are empty and if I press the select button in that screen it closes the whole program. Can anyone offer any suggestions or fixes for this issue? Thanks any help would be great.

What version of Ground Control are you using? This sounds like a bug that we fixed a few weeks ago

I am running version 1.17

I think the fix may be in 1.18 and later, I would upgrade and see what the results are


I uninstalled and restarted my computer before installing the latest 1.19 version of ground control with the matching updated firmware but I am unable to open any g-code files still. All folders still show they are empty in the ground control screen. The one difference is the program will not close if you hit the select button as it did before. Is there anything else I can try to correct the issue?

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can you post a screenshot of the file open screen?

Here is a picture of the open screen. I have the g-code file saved to the desktop but it shows all files are empty not only in the desktop selection but also in all other locations.


Strange :thinking:
Can you please check your groundcontrol.ini if the last line shows:

validextensions = .nc, .ngc, .text, .gcode

and are you using a gcode with one of this extensions?


I am new to all of this and unsure where to find the .ini
Can you please advise where to locate.
I am using makercam to generate the g-code and saving that to the desktop.

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I think on win it is your user folder. C:\user\jon?

Makercam uses .nc as a file ending. This should be seen by GroundControl
I can’t see the last white line, does it show the file extensions like this?


THAT WAS IT!! The g-code file I had saved to the desktop did not end in .nc and I believe that is why all the folders were empty.
I loaded a different g-code file making sure it ended in .nc and it worked perfect.
Thank you to both Bar and Gero.
Great support community here!
I’m off to make some sawdust!


Happy wood chipping :relaxed:

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