Unexpected GC close

Hi. When i want to open new nc file in gc, after selecting file it automatically closes GC software. Trying it on other file, all is ok, and gc reads file and stays open.virsma.nc (877 Bytes)

Did you try if it opens the file if you take the lines with the ‘brackets’ () out, with a txt editor?

no change

That’s strange, i will have to wait till i get home to test the file with GC.
Is that file in the same path/folder as the others that work?
What version are you running?

its other subdirectory. all running 1.25. now i try to generate gcode with other cam soft

I remember a similar case with ‘special characters’ in the path or folder name.
The g-code looks ok in a txt editor, so should not crsh GC. Will know in a about 2 hours.

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ok tnx

problem solved. That was true with special symbols in path to file