File types for Ground Control

I’ve downloaded and tried SketchUcam which seems easy to use and works as a plugin within SketchUp.
It outputs G code files with the suffix .cnc which Ground Control does not read.
Is there a .cnc to .svg file converter available, or are there any plans to enable Ground Control to read .cnc files?

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Great question! If you just change the file extension to .nc or . Gcode it will work. For some reason there isn’t one standard for what the extension for Gcode is so different programs put different extensions.

The list of file extensions can be edited, you can add that one to the “blessed” :smile: list in the GroundControl ‘Settings/Maslow Settings/GroundControl Settings’ pane.
Click the ‘Settings’ button at the top of GC, then the ‘Maslow Settings’ button and choose ‘GroundControl Settings’ from the list. Once added GC should be willing to open .cnc files as well.


Thanks Bar, I copied the file and changed the extension to ‘.nc’ and it worked. I’d recommend trying SketchuCam. I’ve yet to try cutting out the results, I haven’t assembled the Maslow yet.

Thanks Blurfl … I added ‘.cnc’ to the list but, when I try to open a ‘.cnc’ file, Ground Control doesn’t see it.

Sorry to have given a false hint. I had noticed the editable field in the settings, but hadn’t tried it for myself. I’ll open an issue in GC about it.

I’ve just seen and downloaded SketchUcam as it looks to do what I want (for now) and is a freebie. Yay!

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