G code not loading on work surface. Tips?

G code not loading to work area??

How can I move what I want to cut?

You have two choices. Move your home on your workpiece in webcontrol (right click on a spot and select set home) or move the piece in your drawing environment to put the center of the project at 0,0 and then re export the G Code.

If you want to do it in Webcontrol, it looked like you will need to right click above and a little left of center of the workpiece in webcontrol to set your home.

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Looks like your drawing origin is right where home is. Before you generate the gcode, move your drawing closer to the origin then regenerate the gcode, then do as daveelt suggests and move your home up by right clicking and selecting home

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Ok so I was able to get my cut pattern on the board. I began cutting but the z axis definitely isn’t working correctly. I set it to zero but it moves back and forth at different times during the cut. Which means we have been manually moving the z axis which leaves lots of room for error.
Also, during the calibration, it cut the actual pattern which I know isn’t correct. We have readjusted the bit in the router but it seems as though the z axis problem is in the software.

which system do you have? is it a metal maslow?

Yes. Metal Maslow and I’m using WebControl.

when you move the z axis in small amounts it works ok, but when you do a full plunge, does it overshoot and oscillate a little?

No. When we run a g code the z axis moves spontaneously. For example, when we ran the calibration. It actually cut the pattern, didn’t just drill the holes. At every point it was to drill, it would back away from the cut surface, then moved again towards the surface. Sometimes it would plunge completely down into the service and others time it wouldn’t even touch the wood.
We got to the point we just adjusted it manually while it was cutting. Not ideal but its what worked.

So I have figured out how to move my g code around the board and how to put the image in my design software to 0,0, but is there a way to change where the cut starts? As you can see in the picture i attached, if I move home anymore it will be completely off the work surface which won’t work.
Any tips would be very helpful.

You can move home off the workpiece. You do not actually ever have to have the router in that position so you can just place it and start the cut and it will move directly to the cut spot.

The other choice is to make the 0,0 in your image design software in the middle of your cut. This will allow it to be centered in your workpiece.

Just make sure you stop it at the end of the cut so it doesn’t return home.

Thanks Orob, I should have said that.

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To do that you can right click anywhere on the screen. When you start the program the router will move from where it is to the starting point without actually going to the home position.

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So you are saying that I can move the home, but do not have to actually define it as a new home. Then when I start the cut it will just move to the start position and cut, correct?

You must define it as new home, but not required to put sled on it