GC app not updating with changes to groundcontrol.ini (RPi / Linux)

I set up initially GC/Maslow on my Mac, but I wanted a dedicated machine. So I set it up on an RPi3.

I’m running Kivy Pie + 7in LCD Touch. It’s inconvenient (but possible) to attach a keyboard to the Pi, so I was trying to set it up thru SSH. With my limited coding knowledge I was able to identify groundcontrol.ini as the place where the Calibration and Macro settings are stored.

If I make changes to the groundcontrol.ini file on the Mac, they are reflected on GC app on the Mac. If I make changes to the groundcontrol.ini file on the Pi they are not reflected in the app, and vise versa. If I hookup a keyboard and make changes to the app, it is not reflected in the ini file.

I am looking at the file in the home directory (~/groundcontrol.ini), and I have restarted the app and Pi several times after making changes.

Any reason these changes wouldn’t be reflected on a Linux system?

For initial setup, I can just use a keyboard and manually transfer the numbers, but, more importantly, if I want to change the Macros in the future, I would like to do that remotely.

Not sure this helps or matches what you are describing.
But just in case:
With file transfer Mac -> Linux i notice ownership and write permission issues.
I need to use root on Linux to give my user the full permissions.
I need to use root to change the file permissions so my user can fully access them.

That could be an issue. What makes me think it is not an issue is that I don’t need sudo to make changes to the ini file myself, so I assume the GC app doesn’t either. (and I’m not logged in as root).

If you can make changes, then GC should also be able to. I would monitor the GC terminal for clues and also ‘tail’ the log.txt in an other terminal to see if there are clues. Did you check the paths for ‘unexpected characters’?


Did you check the paths for ‘unexpected characters’?

Do you mean the file paths?

I’ll check the log when I get home this evening.

Interesting development. I’ve removed the groundcontrol.ini from the home folder and restarted the machine. I expected it to create a new one, but one wasn’t created. It makes me wonder where it’s storing the information. Nothing on the GC app settings has changed…

On linux it should be in the home/(user-name)
Can’t believe that it’s not creating one without complaining. Interesting indeed.

I think I figured it out!! I searched the computer for the ini file. Turns out the one that it is using is in the ./root/ directory. Not sure why it is there…tho. But changes from the app or the file, reflect on one another. I thought it was supposed to point to the user. Maybe I installed with sudo?


yes, looks like Ground control is called by root user?
I would definitely recommend to uninstall it from root, and make sure root is not runing user application softwares.

Also, I recommend to not use a wireless connection on the MaslowCNC control.
MaslowCNC is per say a operation control technology. And WiFi networks are not secured enough for operation safety.

You might want to read about WarDriving, WAPJacking and WAPKitting.

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I don’t keep it on when I’m not using it. I’m aware that wireless networks are vulnerable, but if one item on the network is compromised, then all are. The RPi is no different than any other laptop or phone. Even if it’s hardwired to the network, if any wireless device is compromised on the same network, they can access the RPi. I’m tech savy, but not a network admin. Is there something else I’m unaware of that I should be concerned about? Like, can they connect to it without first cracking the network?

I agree that it should not be installed/run or root, but I don’t run it from root (which is why it is so odd that the ini file is stored on root). However, I will remove all files and reinstall to make sure it is not on root.

Be a little bit careful with editing the .ini file directly. Some settings are loaded only on startup and sent to the firmware so I wouldn’t expect a change to the .ini file to be immediately reflected in the machine’s behavior.

What exactly are you seeing happen?

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What are you seeing? Describe how you see the issue.

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