Help Updating GC to .82

I am trying to update GC to .82 and can download the .zip but can’t figure out where to go from there (this should be obvious but I am at a loss)

Which operating system are you using?

macOS Sierra version 10.12.6

Cool. Download the latest release file instead.
Open that, and drag the application onto the applications folder. When that’s done, double-click on the file ‘MakeSymlinks’. You’ll get a warning asking your permission to run the file, say ‘yes’ :slight_smile:. You only need to do that step the first time you’ve ever dragged groundcontrol to the Applications folder… Once the link is made it will work for future version.
Now you can run groundcontrol from your Applications folder. Each Wednesday when Bar releases a new version, download the new version and you’re up with the latest!

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Great! Thank you so much! I knew it couldn’t be difficult…


I just started and the latest GC 0.86 was the first version I ever installed. When a new release comes out what is the proper way to update for a windows computer?

I download the Windows.Portable zip file for the latest release, unzip that and use that instead of the previous release.
Note, to prevent future confusion I went back to my earlier post about a specific version and changed that link to point to the latest release, a link that auto-updateS.

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Awesome, thanks. I wasn’t sure if you had to do some sort of formal uninstall or merge with the older files to get it to work. It’s pretty easy to just delete the old and use the new.

I assume then that you either have to type in all of your machine dimensions again or run a new calibration cycle?
Does the software know or care if you just copy and paste the dimensions into the new release software?

unless the calibration cycle changes to be more accurate, your dimensions
haven’t changed, so doing a manual calibration and typing in the values is every
bit as good as running a new cycle (assuming you can position the chains in the
same place, mark a link)

depending on the upgrade, it may keep the settings across the upgrade, or it may
not. most of the time it will keep the settings, but occasionally it won’t

David Lang

The file groundcontrol.ini holds the values, and it lives in your home directory. It will survive through updates without you needing to do anything special. You can keep a backup of it as well, to roll back to if you ‘go exploring’.

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