Gcode from Meshcam

Mashcam has several machines that it can provide Gcode for. When I save to gcode which machine should I use? I’ve tried a few and the Maslow doesn’t read the code correctly. I have yet to make my first cut. I’ve been struggling with the CAD/CAM software trying to find something that works. Mashcam seems to be workable but I can’t find a CAD program that I can use. built the Maslow machine and got it calibrated June of 2018

Check if you can find Grbl, LinuxCNC or Mach3.
They all should work.

Kind regards, Gero

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What version of Meshcam are you using on what platform? Standard or Pro?

Thank you

I’m running Meashcam Ver 6 Std. on Win 10 machine
I’ve tried Mach3 and it makes the Z axis work inverse to what it should.

It moves X and Y correctly but the end mill is way above the plane of the material to be cut. I’ve tried Carbide also with same results.

where did you define Z=0 to be? you need to tell meashcam that Z=0 is the top of
the material, not the bottom.

David Lang

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Me ash am v6 on win 10 pc

Meshcam 6 has 2 ways to run through it - Meshcam 7 is a free upgrade and is mostly wizard based. 6 & 7 can coexist on the same system.

Thank you

Thanks for the info I’ll look into getting meshcam ver 7.